In addition to our impressive business accounting skills - and juggling - our talented accountants also put together a mean tax return ('mean' in a good way). We've put together some information, including some FAQs and answers about getting individual tax returns completed in Bendigo, below. If you're in Melbourne and want to drop into our Kew office, check out our Kew site at

What does it cost to do my tax return?

Our prices are as follows:

  • Standard Tax Return: $175
  • Couple's Tax Returns (x2): $330
  • Rental Schedule: Extra $50 per Rental
  • Capital Gains Schedule: Extra $50 (up to 5 Events)
  • Business Schedule: From $500

Our prices for individual tax returns may vary, depending on the complexity of your affairs. Tax returns for individuals operating a business will be higher and will depend on the nature, size and complexity of your business - we can provide a quote on request. If you owned a rental property during the year, or if you disposed of shares or a rental property, for example, you're required to complete an additional schedule which needs to be lodged with the ATO. Completion of these additional schedules attracts an additional charge due to the added complexity. We'll be sure to let you know if you're return is going to cost more than our standard prices above.

What should I bring with me?

You'll need to bring at least your Tax File Number with you, as well as your current bank account details (the ATO now requires that all refunds be paid electronically directly into your bank account). We've also prepared a quick and simple checklist of other items that you can bring along to make the process quicker, and to help us get the best outcome for you. Check out our: Tax Return Checklist.

How can I make a booking?

Booking is REALLY easy. Just Click Here and book in! Just like that!

Can I see you after business hours?

We’re usually available after hours by appointment during the 'peak season' of July to September, so please contact us to request a time to see us. Please note that additional charges may apply. Please call us on (03) 5442 7010 to make an after-hours booking.

How long will it take to do my tax return?

For most people, it takes less than an hour for our interview and for us to get all the information that we need to finalise your tax return. We would usually be able to give you a very close estimate of your tax refund or amount payable by that stage. In some case, we might even have it all prepared and ready to sign by the end of the hour. If not, we will typically finish off your return and have it to you to review and sign within 24-hours.

Once the return is lodged, the ATO advise that individual tax returns are usually processed within 14 days. That means it will generally be less than three weeks between our interview, and you having your refund in your bank account.

If you haven’t received your refund within 28-days of your return being lodged, we will typically contact the ATO to enquire about the progress of your return.

When is my tax return due?

Individual tax returns for the 2017 financial year are generally due for lodgement by 31 October 2017, unless an extension applied.

However, if you get an accountant (who is a Registered Tax Agent) to prepare your tax return, they generally have until around mid-May 2018.

I haven't lodged in years. Can you help?

We sure can! In fact, we've helped many clients get all of their tax affairs up to date, some after many, many years of not lodging tax returns. Being so far behind in your taxes can be a very stressful situation, and in our experience, it's always better to talk to the experts about your situation and get it sorted. Many people report that getting up to date is a massive relief and a weight off their shoulders.

A common reason why clients have been reluctant to get their taxes done is because they are concerned they will have very substantial tax debts. While we can't know what the outcome will be in your situation, many clients actually end up receiving refunds after getting their affairs up to date.

If you do end up owing money, this is where choosing the right accountant can make a big difference. At DSG Accounting, we make a concerted effort to limit the pain as much as possible. If we think there’s a good reason for it, we will ask the ATO to waive any fines or interest that applies for lodging tax returns late. In one case, we reduced a client's total debt by over $100,000!

We will also negotiate with the ATO for a payment arrangement for the debt, if you can't pay it all in one go. We can often arrange to spread the payment of your tax debts over 12-months, or longer in some cases.

The most important thing is that you discuss your situation with us as soon as possible, so that we know where you stand and can start the process of getting everything sorted out. If you do have many years of tax returns outstanding, please get in contact with us on (03) 5442 7010, or book an appointment with us online via our Online Bookings page.