There are few better 'business toys' going around than the humble iPad. And in our experience, many small businesses don't make the most of this little gadget. From tradies invoicing clients in their homes at the end of a job (and taking payment!), to taking creative and detailed notes during client meetings, to showing off your wares in an uber creative way, to preparing and signing client agreements (or tax returns!). The iPad can do it all. Time to revisit this little gem.

The iPad is an awesome business toy, and you can probably do more with it than you think!


Freelance contractors from around the world

We keep hearing that 'outsourcing' is the way of the future, but it often seems out of reach to the small business owner. So-called 'freelancing' websites make it all possible. Although we don't outsource any tax work at DSG, services like Upwork (formerly Elance & ODesk) make it easy for some of our clients to get that odd design or data-entry job done professionally, quickly and cost-effectively. Go and have a look:


Virtual meetings made easy

Chances are you've heard of Skype. GoToMeeting is Skype's classy younger, cloud-based brother, and it's a fantastic resource for conducting video conferences. One of the best features of Go-To-Meeting is it's free meeting rooms, which allow you to jump into your own virtual conference room in seconds without any sign-up required. You can even share screens to show people what the heck you're talking about! Give it a try:


Track your website statistics

Google Analytics is website tracking software that lets you tracks an enormous amount of data about visitors to your website. From knowing how they got there, to which pages they looked at, how long they lingered and even where they live (in a general sense, not a creepy, stalking way). Best of all, it's free. If you'd like help setting it up, let us know.


Quick and easy smartphone and tablet notes

If you've got a smartphone, you've probably used the native notes app and wished it was just a little bit more versatile. If you imagine Notepad on steriods, then you're probably thinking of something along the lines of Noteshelf. Taking photos to add into your document, saving to PDF, saving to Dropbox, highlighting text and add handwritten notes are just some of the cool little things you can do with this handy little app. See it here.